Daryl Davis

“In many ways whether we consider Donald Trump to be or become a good president or a bad president, one thing that is for sure (in my opinion) is right now he is one of the best things that has happened to this country in regards to the fact that he has brought all of this out into our view because we have been in denial of racism in this country. ‘Oh, you know, we’re in a post-racist society because we have a black guy in the White House etc. etc.’ No, I’ve been working in this arena for almost 30 years, so it’s not new to me – Klan marches in the street, that kind of stuff. Donald Trump has brought this out and whether it was his intention or not is irrelevant. Now, nobody can turn a blind eye to it. You cannot address what you can’t see and now we’re seeing it. Sometimes when something is fractured the doctor says, ‘I have to break the bone before I can reset it.’ Well, maybe the bone has to be broken to be reset in terms of this country’s policy on racism because for too long we’ve been putting bandaids and Neosporin on the surface and now we need to go down to the core of the bone and fix it.”

– Daryl Davis, American R&B and Blues musician, author, and bandleader who, since a racist incident when he was 10 years old, set out to befriend Klu Klux Klan members. He educated himself about the KKK then befriended and communicated with people from KKK, which has resulted in Daryl’s receipt of over 200 Klan member robes and hoods when they’ve been forced to reconsider their beliefs and have left the organization as a result.


This video is a panel discussion in January of 2017 at the King Center in Atlanta, GA featuring Daryl Davis on two informative and honest discussion panels. The latter panel is especially pertinent now because it features Daryl, a former KKK member, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter. It starts at 27:00 —

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