Post Modern Slavery

A friend of a friend created this brilliant social critique. In the artist’s own words —

“This installation was a Project for my Senior Seminar Art class, I wanted to tackle the issues of racism within a post-modern society. A society that is well passed that presence of active racism, but now lives and breeds within the passive presence of racism within everyday life. Within this piece I really wanted to tackle and confront the social constructs that are prevalent at this time for black people within the societies of private institutions and the work force. For me it’s an issue that is present everyday of my life, and I was determined to do a piece on it to not only express myself, but provide something thought provoking, confrontational and controversial for the viewers. Overall I wanted to construct a reaction from my audiences that varies for each person. I want this piece to really be impactful for them, as much as it was for myself, if not more.”


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