2cycle2gether’s Voluntary Simplicity

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Following a desire to live more intentional lives, couple Kai and Sheila decided to eliminate “stuff” that prevented them from fulfilling their dreams and becoming more engaged world citizens. In their own words, “We had been committed to mindful living practices for years but we still found ourselves surrounded by things that, upon examination, didn’t add anything meaningful to our lives. Many of our possessions were representations of excess and arrogant privilege in the face of a majority world suffering injustice and poverty and an environment in perilous decline.  We faced the fact that we were contributing to the cycle – cogs in the wheel.

Upon this realization, we settled into a depression, which led to intensive scrutiny of life choices and a plan for change.  We drastically minimized our belongings, paid off debt, built our 260 ft² off-grid home, and quit our environmentally & emotionally unsustainable jobs.  In an effort to reclaim our lost connection to humanity and the natural world we left our ‘old normal’ behind and embarked upon a bicycling pilgrimage.  As we bicycle around the world, carrying only the possessions we need to survive, we devote our time to doing ‘work’ that we love, we learn from the people we meet along the way, and we lay the foundation for a new way of living.”

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