Trust Your Heart

“For so long, you relied on your head. Now it’s time to make the shift — the great leap into your heart.

Are you beginning to see how you head gets in the way? How it creates so much noise? The chatter, the limited vision, the fear? Are you beginning to see what you’ve relied on — your intellect, your assessments, and sometimes your logic — has complicated your life?

It isn’t the head that sees clearly, nor does the head always see with love. Often, it sees with eyes of fear. The heart sees clearly. It balances the mind and emotions. It takes what’s real and processes it into truth, then into action. It takes into account all that needs to be done, then draws a map, an itinerary, for how to accomplish that. Yes, you say, but my head does that too. And then I don’t need to feel…

Your heart can do it better because it maps the way in love.”

Melody Bettie, Journey to the Heart


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