Rising Generations Have Dreams

When visiting my alma mater this afternoon, I found my heart so supersaturated with love for the community. When appreciating a posting that I saw upon entering, I was informed the recent MLK Day celebration involved a project where each student contributed to a poster that began with the phrase “I Have A Dream” and continued with their individual visions.  Before landing in the art studio (usual), I walked through the halls (unusual) to read every word on display and could not be more thrilled at the minds that are shaping the future of this country.


2 thoughts on “Rising Generations Have Dreams

  1. This was a great project. It’s nice to know these kids are thinking about equality in all things. I wish articles like this got more attention. All we hear about are the trouble makers. Thank you for posting this dreams of the future. Sounds like it will be a better one for these writers.

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