Syncing Heartbeat and Universal Currents


Yesterday I found myself on a clever site that I’ve never visited before with tears in my eyes laughing heartily at an article entitled 30 Kids Who Wrote The Meanest Notes Ever. I Should Feel Bad… But I Can’t Stop Laughing (it’s a must read — #5 and #16, especially). From there my attention was drawn to an article that appealed to my artistic sensibilities featuring the artist pictured above. As a woman whose goal is not only to produce a piece of work but make art of the process of her creations, she claims her goal is to “match her heartbeat to the beat of the universe.”  The article is titled, She Stretches And Glides Her Body Over A Blank Canvas. When I Realized What She Was Creating, I Was Blown Away. Coincidentally (and I write that sarcastically because I don’t believe in coincidences), a soul sister who witnessed my process painting the yoga studio in Guatemala and has since contributed to the evolution of the works, sent me this article this morning. Fate? Nah, it’s just how the universe works.


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