Flashback (2011) to Flash-forward (2014)

Original written May 2011 / kelseyk’s first post reworked and reposted :

I have always been into astrology — not the horoscope section of [ mainstream American media source ] but astrology. I enjoy it not only because I find it fantastically accurate for myself but also because, for the curious, it instigates deeper personal reflection.

www.astro.com  — This site takes in to account the time, place, and date of your birth so as to calculate all astrological influences at the precise moment you were born. It’s fun to explore this site because it has so much to offer! A good place to start is the Free Horoscopes tab and scroll down to Astro Click Portrait. Other fun ones under the Free Horoscopes tab are Personal Daily Horoscope (utilizes all astrological influences of your birth in relation to the planets current positions) and Astro Click Partner… and it goes on…

www.astro.cafeastrology.com/cgi-bin/astro/natal — For your birth chart and MORE information.

The Myers-Briggs Test is also quite interesting and commonly used in the workplace. (Yes, really.)

Here is the link to the Myers-Briggs Test, which will then inform you of your four-lettered “type formula”: www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp

After you have done this test, you can follow this link to a more detailed description: www.personalitypage.com/html/portraits.html


Note: There is no match for strength of will and no external source knows you like you do.

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