Grand Water Trine of Summer 2013

Gifts from the Sea

Today marks the peak of the Grand Water Trine going on in the stars this summer. I’ve found a cohesive summary that explains the influence to distribute so we can all make the most of this vibration as it occurs at it’s head tonight and tomorrow night:

The much anticipated grand water trine — Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune — is a chance to give shape to a dream that’s close to your heart. Neptune (Pisces) draws us nearer to the mysteries of life, like the part we play to shape ‘reality.’ Saturn (Scorpio) is guide to the deep internal waters, and what’s needed to stir the pot to set things in motion. And Jupiter (Cancer) conspires to keep us aligned to what’s personally meaningful. This is a great time to experiment with new approaches to manifesting. It can mean a transformative change in how we go about it, involving the whole soul, for a powerful, full-bodied journey forward.

Jupiter trines both Saturn and Neptune on July 17th through July 19th. It’s an auspicious grand trine for experiencing your personal law of attraction and allows us the opportunity to see where we’ve got emotional blockages that have previously prevented full expression.

One of the major gifts of the influence is the unveiling of our perception to discover the real secrets about reality and how its remains in our power to be dreamed up. As we clear out the psychic baggage, will we find our authority as reality-shapers. If there are wounds and traumas that haunt you, this is a great time for healing, following these psychic imprints to their roots. Everything is in place to persevere — to go through and not around — and be rewarded for it!

The magic you demonstrate can inspire others and that’s where the power of one meets many. When we get the flow going and be courageous with our core realities, this summer can be one of miracles and serious manifesting. The stars ask us, what you will bring to life this summer?

 © Copyright 2013 ~Molly Hall  All Rights Reserved


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